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Langley Research Center Workshop

CFD Validation of Synthetic Jets
and Turbulent Separation Control

March 29-31, 2004

Woodlands Hotel and Conference Center
Colonial Williamsburg
Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

Local Organization: Thomas Gatski, Christopher Rumsey

See also Summary of Results and List of References


Case 1 (Introduction)

picture of synthetic jet

In Case 1, an oscillating jet of air emanates from a slot in the floor. The slot is 0.05 inches wide and 1.4 inches long. The slot is at the bottom of an enclosed box 24 inches by 24 inches by 24 inches, and is in the center of the floor and is parallel with the sides of the outer walls. The flow through the slot alternates between outflow and inflow. It is driven by a side-mounted piezoelectric diaphragm on the side of a narrow cavity under the floor. The diaphragm is approximately 2" in diameter. There is an o-ring seal mounting the diaphragm to the cavity. That o-ring is approximately 1.85" in diameter. The medium is air at sea level. See Chen et al (2000) and Chen (2002) for similar work.

Experimental data is centered on the long axis of the slot (spanning the slot in the 0.05-inch-direction), and is synchronized with the drive frequency at 72 phases.

The following Quicktime movie shows PIV data from an earlier test on this configuration.

Some preliminary experimental data on the current test are given in the following Microsoft AVI movie files. In these, each phase has 400 samples. PIV data was taken at 72 phases, 5 degree apart. These movies play 72 phase-averaged means in sequence.


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